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What does Willemse Welding Service do?

Your welding company for constructions, stairs, borders, fences, handrails and industrial furniture.


Turning and milling are special metal cutting operations in which the shape of basic material is strongly changed. Willemse Welding Service has access to professionals, the equipment and the knowledge to perform this metalworking professionally.

During machining different milling and turning techniques are used to ensure the high quality of the end product. This involves the use of modern CNC equipment for milling and turning that guarantee high precision.


Willemse Welding Service does welding work according to the standards of ISO 9606-1 (International Organisation for Standardization), AWS (American Welding Society) and ASME IX (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).


We also provide services to the pipeline industry, services like welding procedures, testing of (semi-automatic) welding equipment, providing maintainance on semi-automatic welding equipment (welding technician) and welding of pipelines for various purposes like Oil&Gas, Chemicals, Water and City/District heating.

We work worldwide

We preform welding and fabrication work domestic and international, both On and Offshore. This is done for businesses and private clients.

Willemse Welding Service
Welding Company
Houten, Utrecht

Welding company Utrecht: Willemse Welding Service is a dynamic construction company with an extensive expertise and years of experience. In our excellent equipped workplace in Houten region Utrecht we own all facilities for both standard and specialized welding activities. Also we have the possibility for (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer.

We also have all facilities and flexibilities to perform construction activities on location. We use several welding processes with which we can weld different materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminium and alloys.

We deliver construction work to pipelines, offshore, energy companies, machine building, housing and utilities for customers in the region Utrecht – Houten and for buyers at home and abroad.

Next to the standard construction activities we also supply special products and services based on the specifications of our customer

Quality standards

In our construction activities we strive to the highest quality norms where we use various monitoring resources. Willemse Welding Service is an ISO 9606-1 certified organization.

Through our certified quality control program, our construction work complies with all international quality control standards and with additional or adapted requirements specified by our customers.

Highest quality norms

Every construction or component will be produced according to the highest quality norms. Our customer scan rely on the documentation of important project information and the availability for the end users.

Safety and environment

Safety and awareness are also our top priorities when carrying out construction work. We ware well aware of all potential dangers that our construction activities entail and will take all measures to limit these risks to an absolute minimum.

We make it our mission to provide unrivalled safety, quality and value for our customers, our employees and the environment.

Your welding company for constructions, stairs, borders, fences, handrails and industrial furniture.

Welding Utrecht

Willemse Welding Service is located in the heart of the Netherlands and delivers construction activities for both local, national and international customers. On a local level we offer construction activities for companies and individuals in the region Utrecht.

Welding Company Utrecht

Welding Company Utrecht, Houten (Central-Netherlands) while performing project based construction activities on a national and international level for a range of industries.

We deliver by example high quality products to end uses in the (petro) chemistry, civil engineering, machine building, offshore industry and the pipeline industry.

At our workplace at Houten we focus on our small-scale projects and perform the preparations for the large scale (intern)national projects.

Where can I weld something?

Willemse Welding Service is located in Houten. Houten is situated in the armpit of the Lunetten traffic junction, making our workshop easy reach from all directions. This makes Willemse Welding Service easy to reach for all relations.

For specific assignments we shall offer you a detailed quotation first based on your specifications. Use our e-mail address for this so you can send us blueprints and other documents. For special assignments we shall send you a detailed quotation first based on your specifications.

On our page ‘Contact’ you will find all contact information and a contact form. If you have any questions, you prefer more information or you would like to receive a quotation, please send us the contact form.