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What does Willemse Welding Service do?

Your welding company for constructions, stairs, borders, fences, handrails and industrial furniture.


Willemse Welding Service does welding work according to the standards of ISO 9606-1 (International Organisation for Standardization), AWS (American Welding Society) and ASME IX (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).


We also provide services to the pipeline industry, services like welding procedures, testing of (semi-automatic) welding equipment, providing maintainance on semi-automatic welding equipment (welding technician) and welding of pipelines for various purposes like Oil&Gas, Chemicals, Water and City/District heating.

We work worldwide

We preform welding and fabrication work domestic and international, both On and Offshore. This is done for businesses and private clients.

Metal processing at Houten – Utrecht

Next to our welding services Willemse Welding Service is also your partner for metal processing. We understand that finding one supplier for your projects can be a difficult and time-consuming job. Willemse Welding Service is the partner who keeps track of all responsibilities and monitoring of the complete project.

General metal processing

At Willemse Welding Service we understand that welding services are preceded with different forms of metal processes. At our workplace in Houten we have different expansion possibilities for the execution at the basic metal processes like sawing, drilling, gouging and grinding of metals.

Next to this we work closely with qualified partners who give us the opportunity for expanded possibilities for the machining, plasma cutting and powder coating of our semi-manufactured and end products.

Your welding company for constructions, stairs, borders, fences, handrails and industrial furniture.

Powder coating

Because of our collaboration with a specialized partner Willemse Welding Service offers also the possibility for powder coating of different metals like steel, galvanized steel, aluminium and stainless steel. The powder coating gives the semi-manufactured or end products beautiful but very sustainable protective layer. This coating technique is very suitable for fences, cast iron ornaments and industrial end products such as switch boxes, transformers and piping.

Semi-manufactured and end products

The collaboration with a number of reliable and qualified partners, Willemse Welding Service offers a complete package of services, providing you a single contact person for the complete project. Therefor we offer products of high quality and we are able to deliver a wide package of services and products. By using the services of Willemse Welding Service all your concerns are taken care of and you are ensured of an end product that fully complies to your specifications.